Pay For Sex?

Germany in 2002 under leadership of the Social Democrats(SPD) changed the law to allow women to engage in prostitution. The theory of legal prostitution is to empower women to assume control over their lives. Rather than being under the control of a pimp who pays for protection against the police, a woman can make her own decisions as to whether or not she wants to sleep with men for money. Society defines the action of a woman who goes into the streets or works in a house where men come, pay money, and then sleep with women as an act of prostitution. The concept of women sleeping with men for money is illegal in many nations of the world. However, if a woman goes on a date with a man, enjoys a wonderful evening on the town and winds up with a ring or necklace as “a date.” How many women target a man with money as the person they want to date because he gives gifts? The entire world of dating is a contest over money and power.

In Germany today, women are opening a house of prostitution without being abused by pimps or terrorized by police for bribes. They have become business people who are in charge of their lives and are able to keep the money they earn rather than paying a large sum to pimps and gangsters. Is the act of prostitution immoral? So, is prostitution of values for money, so is prostitution of our souls for power. Most humans engage, at one point or another, in acts of prostitution, only we term those acts, “being realistic.”