Pay Now Pass Later In Russian Schools

Education in the Soviet Union was regarded as an important component in fostering ideas about communism, but with the collapse of the old world, a new competitive approach has resulted in the emergence of private enterprise carried to the ultimate-pay me if you want me to pass you. The government has tried to deal with the issue of corruption by instituting a State Final Exam which is graded by individuals not connected to a student’s teacher. Some argue, the Final Exam has been “dumbed down” in an effort to account for the diverse manner in which students are taught and what they are taught. A major issue cited by students are tutors who help students prepare for entrance exams and frequently are privy to the actual exam.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union over 650 private universities have sprung up and there is scant doubt they are money making operations run by entrepreneurs out for money. In addition, some businessmen are setting up their own universities in order to ensure students are prepared to work in their organization.

One hopeful sign is the desire of Russia to enter the European Union Bologna Process which requires certain academic standards. It is simply impossible to create so many universities in a twenty year time span without guaranteeing most will be simply money-making machines. Just pay, and get the degree you desire.