Pay The Dime For The Time!

The state of California has  spent the  past few decades sending people to prison for using drugs or petty crimes. The result is more money in California is spent on those in prison than those attending colleges. The county of Riverside has decided to strike back at those who break the law. The county announced it lack  money to pay for prisoner meals so the next best thing is to charge prisoners for the food they eat–I assume sheets and blankets will be free-as they are in hotels.

Anyone who has money will now be charged for food. If the individual has a home, it can have a lien placed on it or if the individual is employed, his wages will be garnished. As county supervisor Jeff Stone emphasizes: “if you do the crime, you will serve the crime, and now you will also pay the dime.”

Now, if  we could only garnish the wages of Wall Street folk and make them pay the “dimes” they have taken from us, justice will finally be served.