Peace And Threats From Israel

For the first time in two months, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert met with President Mahmoud Abbas in order to review where exactly they were in the process of creating peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The two men apparently are still unclear as to which point they have reached on the road to peace. Even as they prepared to meet, Israel National Infrastructure Minister, Binyamin Ben-Elezer, defiantly told the world, “An Iranian attack will prompt a severe reaction from Israel which will destroy the Iranian nation.” He claims Tehran is “definitely aware of our strength. Even so, they are teasing us with their alliances with Syria and Hizbullah, and supplying them with many weapons and we have to deal with that.” He warned in a future war, missiles will strike major Israeli cities.

There is no question the Israel minister was warning Iran of a potential atomic bomb attack if they dared initiating war with Israel. Secretary of State Condi Rice has now made numerous trips to the Middle East and, as of this date, the two main individuals supposedly engaged in working out a peace agreement, don’t even know where they are in the process. President Bush has held conferences, talked with the parties involved, and still no progress. War is no solution, only a disaster. Is there something wrong with this process?

  • Walter77777

    Israel must do some fairly politically incorrect things in order for the state to survive. this includes nuclear sabre rattling.

    I’m not that hawkish about Israeli actions, but Israel is in a very difficult situation.

    The anti-semites are all over, and they denounce Israel even for the most legitimate self-defense actions.


  • Fred Stopsky

    Confiscating Arab land in order to construct homes for Israeli settlers is inexcusable.