Peace Comes Before Peace

During the South African struggle against white rulers there were numerous murders of innocent people, bombs set off, and innocent people killed. Finally, led by Nelson Mandela and concerned white people, a truce came about and people agreed not to look back, but to look forward. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission forgave those who had murdered, and, in so doing, set the stage for peace. US Secretary of State John Kerry has been working with the Arab League and both Israel and Palestinian leaders in order to get the path of peace to become well traveled. But, there still remain forces which prefer violence and accountability for past crimes.

Israel authorities killed a Palestinian militant who was behind violence. Hitham Masshal, a global terrorist” was taken out. On the West Bank, Eviatar Borovsky, a West Bank settler, was murdered while waiting for a bus. Prime Minister Netanyahu vowsa “we will not accept the sporadic firing of  rockets.”

If peace is the goal, then focus on peace.  Initially, it will not be perfect and some very bad people will get away with minimum punishment. Nelson Mandela understood that if peace is the goal, then end revenge and  concentrate of peace and harmony. It is a choice.