Peace In Our Time??

One might argue there has not been a single moment in the evolution of the human race in which peace reigned on this planet. I was raised in the 1930s, witnessed World War II and the death of over sixty million people, served during the Korean War, endured the horror of Vietnman, and then lived on to witness the emergence of death and destruction in the Middle East. There has been a war in Syria for the past two years in which Syrians focus on murdering other Syrians. Frankly, it becomes unclear which people are the bad or the good guys. President Obama decided to become angry and threatened to do something about joining in the war, but most Americans are very tired of death and destruction so they told him to hold off. Secretary of State John Kerry is meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Lakhdar Brahimi from the Arab League.

I assume they will meet, discuss how to prevent further chemical attacks. President Assad will issue some statement in which he promises to end use of chemical weapons, but slips in some comments that America must promise not to hurt him or apologize for saying nasty things about him. President Obama is “deeply committed to a negotiated solution with respect to Syria.” That is good news. Of course, now the fun begins determining what will be the negotiated agreement. The only certainty is that no one will be certain if the agreement is really going to wind up being an agreement.

Oh, during this process thousands will die. We are simply humans acting very human.