“Peace Is Made By The Strong”

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak told the new Israel prime minister that “peace is made by the strong and is achieved by those who possess the courage to make difficult decisions.” Unfortunately, he was talking with a man whose head faces toward those who seek to perpetuate the present into the indefinite future and are unable to risk moving toward peace. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continued uttering his mantra about the only hope for peace is to maintain the status quo in which Israel controls all land and Palestinians accept being ruled by Israel. In exchange, however, he is willing to offer them economic development. One can only wonder if the founders of Israel would have accepted a bargain which allowed Jews to economically prosper in return for surrendering their right to a national state?

Netanyahu uttered his usual pablum about a struggle between moderates and extremists but somehow still doesn’t grasp his views fall within those of extremists, not moderates. The Israel leader will shortly be meeting with President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton who will make clear there must be a two state solution. Period, end of conversation.

It is ironic that a semi-dictator like Mubarak makes more common sense than the elected leader of a democratic state.