Peace Now Jew Not Welcome In Peace Never Israel

Harald Fuller-Bennett works with the Taglit-Birthright Project whose goals seek to “diminish the growing division between Israel and Jewish communities around the world: to strengthen the sense of solidarity among world Jewry” and to strengthen the sense of identity among Jews. For some reason, this rather very pro-Jewish organization attracted the attention of Shin Beit which now accuses him of having connections with terrorists, and –get this–seeking to convert to the Muslim religion! Mr. Bennett travels around the world in order to further the cause of Judaism and in the process attempts to gain respect for the nation of Israel. Yes, he does discuss Israeli foreign policy mistakes which undoubtedly make him suspect. In the modern democracy of Israel–one must go along with government policy or face the prospect of having secret police check your status and get you banned from the country.

In May, 2010, when he landed at the airport, security told Bennett and his girl friend to get on a plane headed back to America. A week later, the famous writer, Noam Chomsky and a clown from Spain were also told to leave Israel. Such actions simply prove that clowns and buffoons are in charge of Israel!