Peace Now Says Abbas Or Never!

It is now over half a century during which time Arab leaders have squandered one opportunity after another to secure peace for Palestinians. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told Hamas there were three options open to Palestinians: “go to war, which I cannot do on my own. No Arab nation wants war. Palestinians aren’t capable of waging war alone.” The second option is doing nothing and allowing the 60 year old stalemate to continue another half century. “the third option is peace negotiations. We went all the way for peace–from Oslo to Annapolis to Sharm El-Sheikh– we are ready to continue these talks.” He blamed Israel for being the obstructionist force by insisting on building in the west bank and in Jerusalem even though such action violates the roadmap to which Israel agreed.

Abbas is also frustrated with Hamas which he believes is plotting to have him killed and is still trapped in the rhetoric of violence. Exiled Hamas leader, Kaled Meshaal assured Saudi Arabian diplomats his group wanted to work with Arab nations and not with Iran. It is up to Israel to test the grounds for peace by halting all housing in the West Bank and in Jerusalem. If the freeze does not work, at least it shows the world the fault lies other than in Israel.

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