Peace Now Urges Former Mossad Head!

Israel Prime Ministr Benjamin Netanyahu appeared before Congress and got the audience roaring with love because the average American member of Congress is more concerned about getting elected than electing to further peace in the world. Idiot brain Sarah Palin claimed President Obama was placing Israel in danger, and, naturally with her vase knowledge of the Middle East she backed Netanyahu. Meir Dagan is not known to Sarah, but he was former head of Mossad, the Israel intelligence agency. “We must accept the Saudi initiative” he told teh people of Israel. That means accepting 1967 borders, and allowing East Jerusalem to be the capital of an independent Palestinian state. “if we don’t make proposals and if we don’t take the initiative, we will eventually find ourselves in a corner.” He emphasized that Netanyahu has failed to “put forth a vision” and constantly repeats the same old proposals.

I assume the Republican party will denounce Dagan as soft on Israel as well as seeking to sell out the people of his homeland. Reality is few Republican congressmen have the slightest concept that over a dozen former Israel generals and former key officials in the Mossad believe Benjamin Netanyahu is the greatest danger facing Israel. He is pig headed(not a nice attitude for a Jew) and refuses to regard the people of Palestine as having rights to a decent life. To be a Jew is to believe in social justice for ALL humans.