Peace Or Possible War Says Barak!

Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned on Monday that the stalled peace process with
Syria holds potential danger for the outbreak of war. “In the absence of an arrangement with Syria, we are liable to enter a belligerent clash with it that could reach the point of an all-out regional war.” He pointed out to officers of the IDF that if such a war occurred, at the end, Israel would still have to sit down with Syria and negotiate about the same issues that currently are not resolved. He also warned them Syria might mistake the situation and believe it could defeat Israel, an attitude which although incorrect, would be dangerous for peace in the Middle East.

He also noted Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had received the IDF report on Gaza and was pleased at Israel’s desire to pursue an investigation into allegations contained in the Goldstone report. Barak is on the right track and hopefully will uncover any examples in which IDF forces violated international law. If there is no such evidence then it must be reported to the world.