Peace Or Settlements?

For over fifty years, leaders of Israel bemoaned their inability to find an Arab leader willing to enter honest negotiations leading to a permanent state of peace in the Middle East. Suddenly, there emerged President Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority, who expressed willingness to discuss a long term peace with Israel and he received support of the Arab League, including Saudi Arabia. The issues today are clear–Palestinians will recognize the state of Israel, agree to live in peace with it, engage in trade, and in exchange, require their borders include all land allocated to Arabs after the 1967 war. Abbas even agreed to make modifications in order to allow most Israel settlers on the West Bank to retain their settlements. Unfortunately, instead of an obstinate Palestinian leader, Israel offered up an obstinate prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu whose agenda is–POWER. He is willing to do anything in order to retain power as prime minister. Heck, he is even willing to sell out his own nation!

The question is clear–PEACE OR SETTLEMENTS? The ball is in the court of Israel after Abbas agreed to extend for one month his willingness to talk.