Peace Talks Between Israel And Palestinians?

The government of Israel insists it desires to engage in peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian Authority insists it seeks to have peace negotiations with the Israel government. Once that is clear to the world, the question remains as to why no talks proceed. The Israel government says it is willing to talk with President Abbas as long as their are no preconditions on the part of Palestinians such as insisting on halt to housing construction in the West Bank and in Jerusalem. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the world can not tell Israel it can not build in Jerusalem. President Abbas responds by saying the original basis of peace discussion were supposedly based on Israel’s boundary in 1967. He also notes Netanyahu says talks can not talk about return of Palestinian refugees.

Is the above clear? Each side insists on no preconditions to talks while each side has preconditions. Israel is in the driver seat and thus it must make the initial move. Halt all housing construction for six months and give peace talks a chance for success.