Peace Talks In Afghanistan

We are approaching the tenth year of the war in Afghanistan that began under the administration of Republican President George Bush who was hailed by his own party for displaying courage in going to war against the Taliban. Ah, the years passed, Republicans lost the presidency, and discovered the war in Afghanistan was caused by the Democratic party. George Bush failed to develop an economic program to rebuild Afghanistan and he failed to ensure competent people took over its government. Barack Obama inherited a failed state run by a failed president who had lost confidence of his own people. The US now has over 100,000 troops in that sad country. President Karzai announced some good news. “Peace talks are on with the Taliban. The foreign military, and especially the United States, is going ahead with those negotiations.”

No one knows if negotiations can result in a compromise agreement with the Taliban. No American president can exit Afghanistan if it means the women of that country will lose their rights. Frankly, no one knows what awaits. Only Fate does.