Peaceful Buddhists Angry

Among the myths of many intellectuals is that Buddhists are peaceful  folk who practice serenity and wisdom. Unfortunately, this image does not connect to       the reality of Buddhist behavior in Burma. Buddists have led the anti-Muslim violence which swept through  many parts of Myanmar. Islamophobia is more characteristic of Buddhists monks who have led mobs into  Muslim neighborhoods in order to burn, destroy and kill the infidels who do not practice Buddhist tenets of peaceful  existence. Radical Buddhists leaders distribute pamphlets, stickers which depict Muslims as less than human.

In reality, Muslims constitute about 4% of people in Myanmar and lack political or military power to oppose mobs surging through their neighborhoods. Buddhist leader, Venerable Wirathus who describes himself as the “Burmese bin Laden”  preaches hatred. I wonder exactly what he is “venerable” about.