Penn State And America

Joe Paterno, the coach who has won more college football games than any other man in history is hiring a defense lawyer in order to confront charges he did not take action when informed about sexual misconduct on the part of one of his assistants. Penn State students rioted in support of the man they adore who has brought fame to the institution. A few days later they decided to hold a candle light vigil in honor of those who were abused. In other words, their initial reaction was rushing to the defense of abusers

I love football and have been a fan for over seventy years. I have seen most of the famous football teams in history-college as well as professional. I love football, but it is an interest, not an ideology. As one who has always been successful in sports, I enjoy the feeling of combat and conflict and the wonderful feeling of elation when triumphant. BUT, is is a only a damn game. My personal life is NOT impacted if the Yankees win or Notre Dame wins.

Americans have transformed a sport into a business. They have transformed a pleasant afternoon watching two teams engage in a GAME and somehow it has emerged as important in their lives. I have always respected Joe Paterno–until last week. He is merely one more person I thought had ethical standards and it turns out he did not. So, what’s new in my life?

THE important thing about this event is how a group of young boys were sexually assaulted by a pervert. THAT is the only issue. The side issue is how intelligent men allowed these assaults to go on and on.