Penn State Football Gone

Under leadership of football coach Joe Paterno, Penn State became a great football center. He won national titles, he won conference titles, he won bowl games and he won himself into the hearts of students and the state of Pennsylvania. The past year has witnessed revelations that one of his assistants raped young boys while Joe remained silent. No one was fired for these sexual assaults on young boys.

Joe died, his assistant was indicted and convicted of sexual abuse, and college authorities were fired and left in disgrace. The NCAA commission announced its punishment of the Penn State football team.

1. All wins from 1998 to 2011 were voided.

2.A $60 million fine was levied on the college.

3.  Penn State was banned from bowl games for four years.

4. The number of football scholarships was reduced from 25 to 15.

Football players during this time period had nothing to do with coaches assaulting young boys so why should they be punished? The real question is: did the NCAA know about sexual assault claims?