Penny Wong Wong ON Gay Rights

Penny Wong is Minister for Climate Change in Australia, and the first openly lesbian appointed to a position in the Cabinet. However, although she values being a lesbian, Ms. Wong supports her party’s program which opposes same sex marriages. “The party’s position is very clear, this is an institution that is between a man and a woman.” She apparently does not see any conflict in being a lesbian, enjoying that life style, but opposing allowing gays and lesbians to marry and enjoy legal protections that come with such status. The institution of marriage also allows couples to get joint medical insurance, secure financial benefits that accrue when husband and wife file tax returns as well as the pride in allowing their children to recognize their parents are legally married.

Sorry, Ms. Wong, you are on the wong side in this issue. Stand up for all lesbians and gays and quit mouthing cliches about my party, right or wrong.

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  • Kevin

    Penny Wong is a traitor to the LGBT community. Shame on her and her false statements. Three years ago she had this to say:

    “I hope there will come a time when this country can look back and wonder why some in this place and some in this government were so frightened of and antagonistic to certain types of relationships. I look to a day, to paraphrase a great man, when we not only judge people by the content of their character but also where we judge their relationships by markers such as respect, commitment, love and security and not by the gender of their partners. I look to a day when government policy and articulation is not so mired in prejudice that it can address these issues fairly. One thing I do know is that that will only come under a Labor government.”