Pension Protests In France

I write as an 80 year old man who lives on Social Security and part time jobs I find in teaching. I walk about two miles a day, attempt to eat healthy meals and do not feel sorry for myself. In France gangs of young people. together with adults are marching in the streets to protest a proposed rise in retirement from age 60 to 62 that will not even take effect until 2018. There is something sad to this story. When most pension laws were written, the average age of death was in the low seventies, but today it is in the high seventies, and in many countries the age has risen past eighty. I support the concept of a decent retirement age, but to claim having 62 as the age in which we can retire as causing problems is basically ridiculous. I have better reflexes at 80 than most forty year olds, and can out walk them and out work them.

Reality is the French protests are mainly sparked by young men and women from poverty backgrounds who have an opportunity to express their anger at discrimination and lack of jobs. One day, we will be retiring at age 80 because there will still be twenty good years left in which to relax.