Pentagon To Colleges–Give Us The Student Names!

The Defense Department has announced a new get tough policy with colleges that refuse to turn over the names of students since that information is of vital importance to milltary recruiters. The Pentagon wants the exact same access tos tudent directories that is provided all other prospective employers. Students can opt out of having this information given to military recruiters only if they at the same time opt out of the data being provided any prospective employer. The new policy refuses to accept a school’s claim that recruiters are banned from the college grounds because school authorities have determined no students wish to enter the armed forces.

Federal funding can be cut off to colleges that refuse access to millitary recruiters or deny ROTC programs on campus. The Supreme Court last year upheld the right of government to deny funding if a college denies recruiters access to the school.

The reality of modern times is few college students are interested in military careers and, most probably if recruiters are allowed on campuses only a small minority of students will become interested enough to join. Certainly that is their right to serve.