People Are Asking– Who Is The Real Obama?

The aftermath of remarks made by Jesse Jackson to a fellow guest while being unaware the mike was picking up his comments, continues to reverberate through the media. His now famous, “I wanted to cut his nuts off” and “Barack, he is talking down to black people” have undoubtedly been seen or heard by millions. At the heart of the current controversy is whether Barack Obama has changed his message in order to get elected. Has he changed views on issues such as gun control, abortion, campaign financing, etc.. or is he merely playing to center stage on the political drama leading to the presidency? Newspaper reporter, Clarence Page, of the Chicago Tribune, claims Jackson’s remarks stemmed from a combination of ego and ideological dispute with the senator from Illinois. It must be difficult for Jesse Jackson who passed himself off as the spokesperson for black Americans over the past thirty years to suddenly realize no one was paying any attention to him while all eyes were focused on a political upstart.

Who is the real Obama? Barack Obama is doing exactly what Franklin Roosevelt did in 1932 and John F. Kennedy did in 1960– play to the middle. Neither FDR or JFK offered a liberal program during their initial run for the presidency. FDR’s liberalism came after he assumed the office of the presidency. Those who support Obama will experience tinges of anger as he seeks support from those in the middle. The real issue is what happens when he becomes president? Will his liberalism then emerge?