People of Baghdad Tired And Disgusted

Kim Sengyota, reporting from Baghdad for The Independent, encountered numerous citizens who was exhausted by the constant fighting and fearful of the future. As a group gathered around laughing at “Selling Of Our Country,” a London based TV program which depicts Prime Minister Maliki as incompetent, many expressed cynicism toward American efforts. Rashi Mohammed said: “The security situation has become a bit better because of these extra American troops, but now they cannot even protect Sheikh Adu Risa who was supposed to be their great ally.”

There is now an actual wall in the al-Ghazailya neighborhood which separates Sunni from Shiites, a result of the ethnic cleansing conducted by Shiite forces. People lack basic requirements such as electricity and many rely on benzine driven generators– the price of the fuel has gone from 50 to 450 dinars. The reporter found among the most optimistic was Fadal Shwied, a security guard, who said there was plenty of work for people with his skills. The Maliki government is now attempting to get”Selling of our Country” off the air.