Pepper Police Halt Wedding

World economies are in serious trouble due to actions by wealthy financiers, but on their wedding days we surely do not expect to witness the entry of police to put a halt to festivities. In the city of Malmo in southern Sweden, a man and woman decided to get married at the City Hall and several friends were in attendance. Suddenly, the door of the wedding bureau office burst open, and police rushed to grab the groom, they fired a pepper spray into his face, placed him in handcuffs and dragged him off to the police station.

The police justified their action on grounds the prospective groom had applied for asylum and his request had been denied so “we knew they were going to the city hall. We had to act before they performed the ceremony.” Actually, according to the Swedish Migration Board, even if he married a Swedish citizen it would not effect his application. He was gone.

Wouldn’t life be great if police burst into the offices of Goldman Sachs, pepper sprayed the guys in charge of money and dragged them off to jail?