Pepper Spray Vs Gun

The ongoing mantra of the National Rifle Association is that the only way to respond to a bad guy who has a gun is to have your own gun and blast away. We have witnessed Texas NRA members invading restaurants and scaring people half to death because they want to prove if one has a gun then–one has a gun? Two days ago, John Meis, a student at Seattle Pacific University proved the NRA Mantra is not correct in the real whorl. Mr. Meis was a building monitor who did not arm himself with any lethal weapon other than a can of pepper spray. He glanced out the window and saw a man with a shotgun blasting away. No, Mr.Meis did NOT blast away with a gun, but he used a can of pepper spray to powerful effect.

Witnesses saw Mr. Meis blast away with his pepper spray, momentarily blind Aaron Ybarra, and then John put a choke hold on the shooter and wrestled him to the ground. In defiance of NRA claims, a can of pepper spray blasted away and overcame the man with the gun. I await formation of a National Association of Pepper Spray followers. Now, if the NAPS could only raise a few hundred million to pay off our Congressmen, perhaps, common sense would once again prevail in America.