Perfect Repub Pres Candidate?

There apparently continues to be concern among Republicans as to how a candidate can be uncovered who adheres to ideas of the Republican party, or at least, to the branch of the Tea Party that is known as the Republican Party. In a spirit of concern for Republicans, we offer the name of David BURGERT as the only one in the field of possible candidates who is a perfect fit.

1. He is a former leader of a Flathead County militia group.

2. His group is known as Project 7–now, that is a lucky number.

3. He wants to go to war against the National Guard and protect Americans against black helicopters bearing secret police sent by Muslims to take over this country.

4. He wants to kill a few local officials. Now, that is a man after my own angry heart.

5. He wants to overthrow the US government! Wow, finally a man who will save us from Muslim African born Obama!

6. He enjoys shooting at any and all members of police forces.

Finally, a candidate with balls! (Sorry Sarah, you just ain’t got that equipment).

Finally a candidate who won’t fool around and gets down to brass tacks-David Burgert, a man of the people, for the people, and against the foreigners who have taken over OUR nation!

Let me put it this way, this man sure ain’t any MITT ROMNEY!!