Perils Of Being Leftist Leader

The history of this century is replete with example of our beloved CIA manipulating events in order to provide an aura of innocent on their part and blame on some leftist leader who is blamed for directing his nation into disaster. President Rafael Correa, may not be the most brilliant head of state, but there is scant doubt he antagonized business leaders in Ecuador who feared his leftist language and actions. Yesterday in Quito, the nation’s capital, thousands of police protested against spending cuts-or, at least that is the reason offered for their anger. The protesting police were met by the president in the streets where he defied them to “kill me if you want to kill me. Kill me if you have the courage.” Some attacked him and Correa was rushed to a hotel for safety. He went on the radio to tell people, “we’re faced with a permanent conspiracy. The opposition are behind this attempted coup d’egtat.” Government ministers told supporters to rush to the hotel and protect the president against a possible physical assault that might result in his death.

At this point, the presence of CIA agents is not visible. Most probably, twenty years from now when documents are open to the public we will discover the hand of Americans in this “spontaneous” uprising of police. In mystery stories we say, cherchez la femme. In political tales, we say, cherchez le CIA.