Perils Of Victory In Libya

A civil war can be concluded several ways– by resort to  violence against  opponents of by following the example of Abraham Lincoln who  offered peace and reconciliation to the defeated enemy. A new report by Amnesty International reveals that while brutality of Gaddafi far out reached behavior of rebels, they still had committed crimes against their opponents. “Members and supporters of the opposition, loosely structured under the leadership of the National  Transitional Council… have also committed human rights abuses, in some cases amounting to war crimes, albeit on a smaller scale.”

Reality is that “rebels” are a collection of various groups including mainly ordinary citizens. They hate what Muammar Gaddafi represented and their anger has carried over in treating captured enemy. Unfortunately, they believe Gaddafi used black skinned Africans as his troops–there is scant evidence he had more than a handful–but rebels have bought into the myth and are killing many innocent dark skinned people.

Hopefully, Abraham Lincoln will become the model for the people of Libya and thus avoid further deaths.