Perry Pounded By Fellow Republicans

Republicans had a debate among those seeking the nomination for president in their party. The gang was there, the same old faces including dear old Michele Bachmann. It is not looking good for the Republican party when Michele Bachmann makes sense in a discussion. Rick Perry was pounded by fellow Republicans for his idiotic statements concerning Social Security as a “Ponzi scheme” that never should have been created. Mitt Romney pounced on the statement and hammered away that anyone running for president who opposes Social Security will be defeated. Perry pouted that he really didn’t mean he was against Social Security, he just meant it never should have been passed.

Michele wanted to know why, as governor of Texas, he authorized a law requiring teen age girls to be subjected to HPVvacine injections in order to prevent cervical cancer. She charged he was in league with drug companies. Gee, Michele actually madea  good point.

Rick is loved by the Tea Party. The question is will he be loved by senior citizens when they learn he opposes Social Security?