Perry Proves Ignorance!

Governor Rick Perry wants to come across as a guy who knows how to lead and who will not sit back and listen to the ideas or advice of others since he alone knows how to be a leader. He told veterans that while “it is not in our interests to go it alone” and we should respect our allies,” that America must take care of its own national interests. “We cannot concede moral authority of our nation to multilateral debating societies and when our interests are threatened, American soldiers should be led by American commanders.”

It is clear Governor Perry lacks any knowledge of World War II. The ALLIED armed forces led by American General Eisenhower were organized along multinational lines. At points, British soldiers were under the command of American officers and American soldiers were also under the command of British generals. The same held  true in the air force and navy. The Korean War was also a multinational operation.

Governor Perry supported the war in Iraq. President Bush REQUESTED aid from English Prime Minister Tony Blair and also asked for aid from other nations. The governor wanted to make certain we should not go to war “without a plan to win.” Governor, YOU supported President Bush and his clowns, Cheney and Rumsfeld. They DID NOT HAVE A PLAN TO WIN!