Persecution Of Michele

We are now prepared to reveal secret planning by the Democratic Party to get rid of the most intellectual and brilliant leader of the Republican Party. It is clear that Liberal, Socialist businessmen fear this lone woman whose brilliant mind makes her a virtual Wikipedia and an opponent that future Democratic candidates for the presidency do not wish to confront in any television debate. Michele Bachmann told the media, informed the world that “I’ve been named as the number one target for defeat by the Democratic Party.”

Here is a sample of what she faces, it is from a secret tape made at the White House. “As president of this nation, and  head of the Democratic party, I want all resources directed at ensuring we defeat Michele Bachmann. I don’t care what it takes, slander this woman, destroy her marriage, remember that if Ms. Bachmann is the Republican candidate for president in 2016, Republicans will regain control of the White House. Could any Democratic candidate handle Ms. Bachmann’s brilliant mind? I doubt it. Get that woman. Do whiter it takes!”