Pete King And Muslim “Menace”

Congressman Pete King of Long Island is a proud member of the Irish race who is concerned about those of the Muslim faith that seek violence. Yes, he is the same man who proudly supported the Irish Republican Army which killed dozens of people in its struggle against the Brits. IRA terrorists killed more innocent people than any combination of American Muslims, but King is not going to be deterred by “political correctness” when it comes to saving America. His upcoming hearings will “raise awareness of the radical threat within the United States from within the Muslim community.” After all, you could count on the fingers of one hand the number of so-called “Muslim violent acts.” But, it would take several pages to depict violence by members of the Irish community who supported the IRA’s campaign of violence in Ireland. We suggest, if King is interested in violence,” he might consider:

1. The rising radicalization within the Italian community posed by the Mafia. If we adhere to King standards, the presence of a few thousand members of the Mafia implicates the entire Italian American community.

2. The rising radicalization of the Jewish community in America, many of whose members support violent policies of the Israel army.

3. How about the Greeks in this country? A few months back there were riots in the streets of Greece?

4. I am shocked Pete King is not conducting hearings on the rise of radicalization of Chinese Americans, given the violence of the Chinese government against dissidents.

5. Of course, when it comes to violence, how about hearings into the Tea Party whose rhetoric of violence inflames many nut cases?