Petraeus Has A Plan

We are pleased to report that General David Petraeus has a plan. He has a plan that describes the process of US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Well, actually, not entirely a US withdrawal from that nation, but sort of a departure. The plan is color coded. Some colors depict areas which will be turned over to Afghan security forces within six months. Others like Helmand and Kandahar provinces will not exactly be turned over in six months. Would two years sound more reasonable? For some strange reason I thought the Obama administration had a Plan two years ago when the president said he wanted to complete the job in Afghanistan. Most probably I misunderstood and thought “the Idea” was really “The Plan.”

I am glad someone has a plan for Afghanistan. I wonder if we would be better off if no one had a Plan and we just sort of muddled along as best we could. Anyway, we now have a Plan and the American people can just relax.