Petraeus Hedges On Afghan Withdrawal

Each passing day reveals increasing resemblance in the Obama administration to the last days of President Lyndon Johnson when he finally ended his quest for re-election because of realization his Vietnam policies were wrong and out of touch with the American population. Obama missed an opportunity in January, 2009 to bring together leading Republican and Democratic leaders, establish guidelines for policy in Afghanistan, develop a timeline, and set a date by which if things were not improved, American forces would begin their withdrawal. Instead, Obama bought into failed Bush policies and transformed the “Bush War” into the “Obama War.” General Petraeus in this week’s Meet the Press will inform Americans that President Obama wants “from me my best military advice.” And, if progress is not apparent in Afghanistan, “I could communicate that to him” and let him know American forces could not withdraw. “That is real life.”

As far as President Obama is concerned, real life is he has tarnished the Democratic party as the party of the Afghanistan war while Republicans who initiated the venture get off the hook for it. A “brilliant” piece of politics!