Petraeus In White House?

Among the best hyped non-stories in modern American history is the adulation bestowed on one, General David Petraeus. He has been hailed as a military genius and among the great generals in our history. Of course, he never actually led men in battle against an enemy who could fight back. He advocated the famous “surge” even though before the Iraq war began former General Shinseki urged the same need for more soldiers. The bottom line is that the surge never worked to end terrorists in Iraq or anywhere.

Roger Ailes, head of Fox News apparently sent an assistant to sound out Petraeus as to his willingness to run for president. Petraeus was told to demand becoming head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff or resign and challenge Obama for the presidency. Ailes apparently offered to become his campaign manager and Ruppert Murdoch was ready to furnish the money.

Is there something  wrong when a network begins to shill for a particular political party? Isn’t the military supposed to be divorced from politics? Just asking.