Petraeus Praises Afghan Effort

General David Petraeus who heads the military effort in Afghanistan delivered his annual assessment of what is happening in that country. He was proud of military success in southern areas of the country and reduction of Talbian forces in that region. He noted the Taliban is moving north and that section of Afghanistan will become an important sector in the fight to bring peace to the country. He was happy that violence in Kabul has been significantly reduced. However, Petraeus admitted a major problem was corruption in government and promised new efforts to “combat corruption and the criminal patronage networks” which make it virtually impossible to create an effective and honest government. We wish the general success in this area although we doubt he will witness any important changes as long as Karzai leads the nation.

Petraeus noted the initial goal of being in Afghanistan was to wipe out al-Qaida. But, he never gets into failures on the part of Bush which allowed the Taiban to regroup.