Petulant Putin Pontificates About The West

Prime Minister Vladmir Putin is upset. He is accustomed to inhabit a world in which whatever he does is hailed as another brilliant stroke of genius. OK, so some bodies show up of those who oppose him. No one can prove the PM had anything to do with such activities. Right now a “trial” is concluding in Russia in which the defendant was guilty the moment he stepped into the court room. Mikhail Khodorkovsky is a man who irritates Putin. He had the nerve to support politicians who opposed the election of then president Putin Naturally, anyone who tells the emperor there are no clothes on his body is subject to either being killed or sent to jail. Mikhail Khodorkovsky was a wealthy businessmen who wanted his nation to move in a direction of democracy, a thought that appalled former KGB agent, Putin. He staged a trial which resulted in prison for the former head of Yukos Mr. Khodorkovsky was supposed to complete his prison sentence this year when suddenly the prosecutor found new evidence of crime which resulted in a new trial and another farce. Western nations and the US expressed misgivings about what passed for a trial and the result was fury from Putin. France called for the rule of law in Russia while Secretary of State Clinton expressed concern about “selective application of justice” in Russia.

Moscow responded with blunt words–“we expect everyone to mind his own business.” Damn it, if the Russian people want a two bit dictator, they have every right to live under such rule. The only consolation for Khodorkovsky is he ranks number one on the shit list of Putin.

  • Lorne Marr

    The question is whether other states are now in a position of moralists after the negative attitudes towards the founder of Wikileaks Assange were presented as well as the desire of their leaders to put him on trial.