Peyton Manning Decides To Go West

Former Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning has finally decided to head for Denver and allow them to pay him $60 million for services rendered. Modern American heroes are usually in some aspect of the entertainment industry, and what more interesting one than professional football. I recently asked sixty college freshmen whom they most admire in America and not a single one mentioned either the president or a political figure.

Ask our youth to name entertainers and they will offer many names, ask them to identify the location of Afghanistan and they will respond with a blank look. I am a New York Giant fanatic and thus Eli Manning is among those I most like, admire, is another issue. Peyton wandered from Seattle to Miami to Tennessee to San Francisco and finally to Denver before deciding where to lay his precious arm.

I was raised in an era in which Jackie Robinson entered baseball and made even haters of blacks admire his courage. We enjoy our athletic heroes, we want good ones to be on teams we follow, but it is doubtful if any athlete would be the person you would expect to fight for social justice. I fondly remember Michael Jordan being asked how he felt knowing that children made his sneakers, he responded that he sold them, and that had nothing to do with who made them.

Such are the words of social justice from our athletes.