Philippine Muslim War Heats Up

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front(MILF) has gone back to using military force after peace negotiations with the government broke down. Philippine military aircraft blasted MILF boats carrying at least 100 insurgents causing large number of casualties. The major issue confronting the Philippine nation is the desire of their Muslim minority which mainly lives in southern regions of the nation for control over those areas in which they are a majority. A problem is the presence of Christians in the same areas and they have no desire to live under control of a Muslim government which undoubtedly would impose Sharia law. Peace negotiations ceased when opposition leaders in the legislature condemned the government for even considering a sharing of power arrangement. The result is once again the nation is facing a cruel and sadistic guerrilla war which will go on for years.

There are promises and offers of bounties for the death of Moro leaders but they most probably are being offered to show a position of strength. They are akin to Bush boasts of rewards for the death of Osama bin Laden. The war goes on, death continues, and sometime in the coming year there again will be negotiations.