Philosopher Queen Palin Disagrees

Sarah Palin, the philosopher Queen of Alaska has once again explained to we ignorant masses why supporting the ideas of Barack Obama would lead to financial disaster. For some strange reason, the spokesperson for fiscal responsibility never uttered a word of complaint against George Bush when he transformed a budget with a surplus left by Bill Clinton into a deficit in the hundreds of billions. She derided Obama’s ideas for bullet trains as
half baked” and went on to urge fiscal responsibility. Actually, trains are more efficient, they reduce use of oil, they reduce traffic congestion and they transport people not only quicker, but more efficiently. During the weeks after 9/11 few cars could enter New York City and people used the subways. The streets of New York were devoid of cars and traffic congestion. If the Long Island Railroad ran trains every five minutes we could cut 50% of the number of cars entering New York and do the same with all major cities.

Yes, the Republican Party created the current financial mess. In 1980, President Reagan inherited a national debt of about $2 Trillion and got it up to $4 Trillion. In 2001, George Bush inherited a national debt of $5 Trillion and worked it up to 11 Trillion. So, we Democrats and liberals have to work our way around Republican fiscal irresponsibility and fast trains would be a good first step.