Phone Hacking Galore!

We have come a long way from a time when a US Secretary of State refused to allow secretly reading messages from Japan because “a gentleman does not read mail that is being sent to someone else.” Welcome to the era of secretly uncover information about everyone about everything. Rupert Murdoch and son James, stand accused of allowing phone hacking at the News of the World. David Sherborne, a lawyer representing those whose phones were hacked, claims the News of the World was weekly running as many as ten stories based on phone hacking. He believes editors  were strong supporters of “see no, speak no, hear no evil” brigade of liars.

Sherborne offers several examples in which  individuals like Harry Potter creator Rawling had her phone hacked. Who knows eventually all phones and  Internet accounts will be open for all to read. How about “read my mail and check my phone” day when we at least will know that we are being read by srangers?