Pictures Of Shame In Israel Betray Holocaust Heroes

Former member of the Israel Defense Force(IDF).Eden Abergil, is upset at the furor she created by posting pictures of her with bound and blindfolded Palestinian prisoners. Her response to one comment from a Facebook friend who said the photo made her look sexy was, “what a day it was. Look how he completes my picture. I wonder if he’s got Facebook.” She now defends her photo by arguing, “it was simply a matter of an army experience.” She went on to point out, “we always treated Palestinians well, we always provided them with food and drink and would laugh with them..” After learning that IDF generals were infuriated at her photo, she could only respond their comments were designed “so that Obama won’t get pissed off.” Ms. Abergil is a sick young woman who lacks any sense of the historical Jewish experience, let alone what happened in the Holocaust. The central issue confronting Israel is the continuing occupation of Palestinian areas, the continuing seizure of Palestinian homes in order to placate the whims of right wing Jewish fundamentalists, is a cancer growing in the body politic of Israel.

One can not expose young men and women to years of mistreating Palestinians without corrupting their souls. The ironic aspect of Ms. Abergil’s photo is it appeared just as an old Nazi film was released which was made to demonstrate to the world that Jews were not being mistreated. The film depicts happy Jews dancing in a night club, I assume they were as happy as the bound and blindfolded Palestinians who Ms. Abergil considered her trophies. A court should sentence this sick young woman to a course on the Holocaust.