Pictures Or No Pictures, That Is Question

Ah, the conspriacy theorists are hot on a new trail, WHERE IS THE BODY and WHERE ARE THE PICTURES?? From Jon Stewart on the left to Sarah Palin on the right, demands are being heard to release the pictures in order to prove–what exactly? These demands stem from two rationales– only a picture will offer proof that Osama is dead and WE deserve the right to gloat at the death of someone we hate! President Obama is acting as a leader by not offering pictures. There is no doubt, offering these pictures will generate marches, demonstrations and killing of innocent people in some Muslim country. The death of a single innocent person due to release of pictures to please conspiracy nuts is immoral.

Bush supporters now claim information that led to the death of bin Laden came from use of “enhanced interrogation techniques”– I love that expression, “enhanced.” I guess the Nazis only used “enhanced techniques.” There is absolutely no evidence waterboarding someone three years ago resulted in knowing where Osama bin Laden was in 2011. Actually, the death of Osama PROVES enhanced techniques do NOT work. If they did, Osama would have been dead years ago.

The bottom line is that Osama bin Laden is dead.