“Piece” Israel Style

I believe the world has never grasped the meaning of the word, “peace” as expressed by the current Israel government. Unfortunately, most outsiders believe when an Israel fundamentalist religious nut says, “peace” it is interpreted to be the word, “peace.” Of course to Jewish extremists, the word they are employing is, “piece.” They mean Israel wants “piece” with Palestinians, and, that means they want a piece of the West Bank, they want a piece of East Jerusalem and they definitely want a piece of anything owned by Palestinians they is part of the piece of God’s land that Jews believe is their piece of the pie they were promised. Haarertz, an Israel newspaper uncovered secret transfer of pieces of land in east Jerusalem to Israel religious fanatics. The Israel Lands Administration has been secretly giving pieces of land in East Jerusalem to wing groups. Israel law requires open bidding for land, but the Lands Administration is simply giving away land in east Jerusalem to God’s chosen people–sorry Palestinians, you simply are not among God’s chosen so get the hell out of east Jerusalem and find your own pieces of land.

This hush hush procedure violates Israel law, but when Benjamin Netanyahu heads the government one does not become concerned with legality since God is not subject to human law and God has ordained that whatever right wing zealots in Israel desire, it must be given to them.

Please don’t get me wrong, I believe if you want a piece of the pie, grab a gun and fight for it. Just ask right wing Jewish terrorists who just take what they desire from Palestinians.