Pilot Goes Nuts!

The Jet  Blue  plane left Kennedy airport on its ways to Las  Vegas where passengers could indulge themselves in hours of winning or losing money. Suddenly, the cockpit door opened, the pilot  began to scream;  “they’re going to take us down. They’re taking us down. Say the Lord’s prayer, Say the Lord’s prayer.” He was disoriented, rambling about bombs on the plane and how al-Qaeda was going to kill them. Several male passengers jumped on the pilot, pushed him to the ground and refused to allow him to move. A passenger was a pilot and he entered the cockpit to assist the co-pilot in landing the  plane.

This is undoubedly an isoloted example of paranoia. However, we do live in a society in which Republicans running for the presidential nomination shout and scream that the world is ending. So, why is it surprising that a pilot on a plane begins to act our their hysteria?