Pirates Of Freedom

There is a growing revolutionary attitude among young people in Europe, America, the Middle East and other parts of the world that existing political parties can not  be trusted. The Pirate Party in Germany entered a regional election and came away with nearly 9.8% of the  vote. These results shocked the major political parties because it meant Pirates would be in the new regional legislature. And, we don’t mean Somalia pirates.

The Pirate Party stands for extending democracy to all levels of society. They want to ensure  human rights are protected with advent of the Internet. They want to ensure basic civil liberties are not denied by government on grounds of “national security” as is all too evident in the United States under the government of “LIBERAL” Barack Obama.

The Pirate  folk joke about “privatizing religion” which would be an important act of religious freedom. Religion has no place in government since it is a private emotion and belief. Finally, a group of authentic people on the political scene.

The question is: for how long will the authenticy endure?