Pirates Of Somalia No Opera Group

I have absolutely no interest in sailing on anything after being on two US Army transports during the Korean War so my mind can not comprehend how any intelligent life form on this planet would sail a sailboat through the Gulf of Aden and be within reach of Somalian pirates. A few days AFTER a yacht was seized and four hostages killed, the family of Jan Quist Johansen decided to sail into an area loaded with pirates because they had a “piracy plan!” Mr. Johansen told others a few days before his family was captured that since there were anti-piracy groups around and there was plenty of water around he was not worried. Oops, he and the family were captured and their captors threaten to kill mom, dad and the children if there is any attempt at rescue.

Several months ago three hikers decided to wander around the border with Iran and were sent to prison. A family sails their yacht into the area containing plenty of pirates and is captured and then the hostages are shot. Now, we have Jan Johansen who has a “piracy plan” which apparently worked since he hooked up with pirates. No, we don’t want violence. Yes, we will have to pay a ransom. BUT:

It is necessary to arm ships traveling through the area with armed guards.

We may have to take a page out of the history of Thomas Jefferson who said, “enough is enough” and ordered the navy to handle
Mediterranean pirates.