Pirates Sail Across Artic Seas!

Yes, there are militants in the Middle East. Yes, there are militants in Pakistan and other Asian nations. Yes, there are still terrorists in Latin America. But, how many know about the Pirates of the Artic?? Twenty eight Greenpeace activists wanted to plant a flag on an oil rig only to be arrested as pirates seeking to destroy and kill in the waters of Putin Land. These peaceful people are charged with the crime of piracy for the act of planting a flag! Nobel laueates from 10 countries sent a letter to Vladimir Putin urging release of these peaceful people who were engaged in the act of peaceful protest which is guaranteed by international law. Russian authorities charge some drugs were found on the Greenpeace boat.

In other words:

Drug Pirates attempted to find drugs on an oil rig.

The peace and security of Mother Russia was threatened by a flag on an oil rig.

Putin has nothing to do with arresting people in Russia. HA HA