Piss On You!

It is quite  easy for those who are not in a combat situation to point out mistakes or incorrect behaviors on the part of members of the military. This is written, not to excuse away behavior which is stupid, but to recognize that if men and women are thrust into crazy situations it is not unusual to witness weird behavior. Sgt. Joseph Chamblin, a member of a sniper team that urinated on the bodies of dead Taliban soldiers attempted to explain away this example of stupidity. “We’re human, who wouldn’t want to get revenge if you lost your brother or mother? Wouldn’t you want revenge?”

He made clear that he did not regret the act. He was court-martialed and punished. This issue continually arises in any war. Does one kill stemming from anger at the death of fellow soldiers? Every person who has ever been in combat confronts this issue? For example, during WWII in the  Battle of the Bulge German soldiers murdered American prisoners. The result was that German prisoners were killed by US troops in revenge. I leave it to philosophers to discuss the morality of their actions.