Piss Where You Desire Now Legal!

The past several years have seen one victory after another for those fighting for gay and lesbian rights. It is simply a matter of time before the last piece of the equation pertaining to gender rights got into the act. I refer to those who are trans gender. The State Supreme Court of Maine rendered a decision in response to a request from Nicole Maines who termed herself to be a transgender person and wanted the right to use the girl’s bathroom in her elementary school. She felt herself to be a girl since the age of two. The school decided that she could not use the girl’s bathroom, but could use a staff one. Justice Warren Silver in rendering the 5-1 decision spelled out the issues: “it has been established that a student’s psychological wellbeing and education success depend upon being able to use a communal bathroom consistent with her gender identity.”

Her father’s comment was blunt and clear: “it sends a message to my kids that you can believe in the system, and that it can work.”

Personally, if the choice was between student restrooms and staff, I would vote for the staff. Have the Supreme Court Justices recently been in a student restroom?