Pistol Packing Mom Dead!

Ah, the state of Texas, ah the state in which one can possess a gun, one can display the gun, and one can be killed by the gun. Pearlie Golden was 93 years of age, a woman who had seen the bad times, a woman who had seen the good times. Little did she know that in her beloved Texas her right to display a gun would eventually result in death. After all, Texas is a place in which one –supposedly– can wave a gun around in church or bars or schools since the 2nd Amendment provides that right. But, Pearlie got into an argument with her nephew who decided that grandma should not, at age 93, be driving a car. Possessing a gun was OK, but do not allow her to drive a car.

The two argued outside the house, Pearlie displayed a gun and nephew called the cops. I assume the SWAT team was soon present with their weapons. Perhaps, police attempted to talk with the old lady, we do not know. But, we do know they pumped FIVE SHOTS INTO A 93 year old lady. The pistol packing grandma is now dead. The state of Texas is now safe. God Bless Texas for not standing up for gun rights.

Now, as to the guys with guns in churches…..